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About us

The world of home design is witnessing new styles and trends each waking day. It’s a fascinating space, infused with novelty and freshness. From innovative colors and shapes to eccentric materials, innovation has become the new name of the game! There are certain groups of people that are the heart and soul of this fast-growing world – architects, designer, tradesmen, land developers, and Exhibitors. We are here to ensure that they are kept abreast with all the information about the latest innovations and ideas that are pertinent to this industry.

Luxury Estate Grand Show is a platform that breathes life to creative architectural endeavors, serving as a medium for structural design experiments by pushing ground-breaking ideas to a whole new level. One of the ways in which 1Habitat1 encourages architectural innovation is through the annual architectural Co-creation dubbed “Best Homes Competition”.

This is a Co-creation that is committed to advancing design and craft by providing an incredible opportunity for architects of all levels and backgrounds to not only express their creativity but also gain valuable knowledge from mentors. This competition also serves as stepping stone for professional and amateur architects who strive to strike the balance between sketches and sustainable evolutionary designs.

1Habitat1 Promises:

Our Exhibitors: To offer programs of high value and a dynamic marketplace environment for communicating with broad or target audiences. We consider 1Habitat1 to be in partnership with its advertisers and their success to be a measure of our own.

Clients: Accurate, interesting and timely Co-creation with information and features that meet evolving needs and interests, whether for a long-time client or newcomer. We will use technology and all means necessary to develop and continually improve our delivery systems to secure the easy and swift availability of content.

The Architectural Community: A commitment to the advancement of the trade and the industry, and a belief that an honest, timely flow of information and opinion will further its long-term health and prosperity. Where mutual interests will be served, we will actively foster a strategic alliance with other members of the international architectural community.

Our Employees: To provide a safe, clean, collaborative, empowering workplace. We will provide an opportunity to learn new skills, experience professional growth, and share in the success of the company.

Our Company’s Owners: A best effort to ensure that 1Habitat1 provides a good annual return, consistent with continued financial prosperity, and remains a source of personal pride.
This Co-creation is open to anyone, including architects, designers, engineers, students, and artists. Nevertheless, Co-creative organizers, members of 1Habitat1 and other members of the judging panel are excluded from participating in the competition. Those who wish to submit their entries should do so in English or French.

At the end of the Co-creation, winners are determined through a public vote. The fun does not end there, nor is it a five-minute-of-fame affair for the overall winner. Besides being awarded a prize, the winner not only achieves international reputation but also featured in a reputable magazine.

1Habitat1 Consultants (1H1) are the manager and administrator of this competition. All queries pertaining to this competition should be directed to

Email: management@1habitat1.com

The mission of 1Habitat1 is to edge out home revolution aggressively by respecting and building upon its heritage as the most complete, authoritative organizer and management of design-build architectural competitions. The content and business practices of 1Habitat1 are characterized by independence, integrity, fairness, and customer focus.  To promote signature construction efficiency to buyers, architects and developers, who plan, create, design, a. 1Habitat1 will embrace those who have supported the competition through the years whilst continually seeking to broaden its customer base.

The company’s stewards will act to ensure the well-being of the Co-creation is in the best, balanced interests of all its stakeholders – home owner, the architectural community, Exhibitors, developers and the company’s owners.