Building a Design team

Luxury Estate Grand Show attracts interest all over the world. Designing a residential home is not an easy task particularly when competing against highly skilled professionals. To ensure success, one must have multi-disciplinary knowledge. Our experience has shown that the majority of participants to the competition consist of a company (Consumer Corporations, Construction Companies, architectural design agency etc) that already have a group of people working for them as a team.

It is essential to be surrounded by the right kind of people. Building a design team for the competition requires all the elements necessary for putting together a successful team. A good team particularly a winning team is much more than just working together. It is the enthusiasm, the cohesiveness, the collaboration, the drive, all these elements often regarded as “team spirit”. Building a team does not only require having people with talent and knowledge to do the work. A good team must:

  • Have a shared vision and be committed
  • Have a winning attitude
  • Be positive, encouraging among team members

The design team

Most of the teams participating in the Luxury Estate Grand Show are made of multidisciplinary members that include:

  • Corporation ( Exhibitors)
  • An Architect
  • A Quantity Surveyor
  • A service engineer (for mechanical or electrical services)
  • A structural engineer
  • An Interior Designer
  • Landscape Architect

These noted above are the main participants required for a very good design of a residential home, but under other, you may also sometimes need the assistance or advice of Ecologist, Sustainability Adviser etc.

Only by putting together such a team does anyone have a chance of succeeding in a completion such as that of 1Habitat1 Inc. Individuals are welcomed to send their design, but it is their responsibility to acquire the necessary assistance where it is crucial, and if they do not have themselves. Finally a good race team, just like any other team should be committed and have the belief in their Endeavour.

The possibility of winning the top prize rest entirely on the efficiency and cohesiveness of a well-built team; individuals participating should have enough talent and knowledge to be able to conceptualize a fantastic design idea that requires cross-disciplinary knowledge.

Leadership is an essential element in every team. All members of the team should be inspired by the project vision and contribute positively to its implementation while benefiting from the coordination and mediation of a team leader to reach the projected goal. A great team is one where the team members work together. An effective team would:

  • Have a clear vision of the goals to be reached. The team leader should emphasize on the objective and how each member can contribute positively.
  • The ability to communicate and interpret the Clients dream as well as translate that dream into a master blueprint design that is practical and efficient is the mark of a great team.
  • Interact and have frequent meetings to help the team assess its progress and coordinate the effectiveness of each member’s contribution. Through such interaction, team members are able to provide assistance or be assisted with matters of concern.
  • Competence is necessary and the team leader should be certain that the task assigned to each member is according to their expertise and can be carried out successfully.
  • Commitment is an essential factor for building an effective team. Each member of the team should be committed and motivated to demonstrate their skill. The members should have an interest in the overall objective of the project
  • Luxury Estate Grand Show seeks excellence in design concept and the individuals or teams that participate set the bar quite high. To be successful in such a competition and an essential element of a great team is brainstorming which would allow the team to solve specific problems, develop new concept or ideas, gain information, and stimulate creative thinking.

Although Luxury Estate Grand Show is but a competition, its implications are far reaching and each design should be considered as an effective project that could possibly be realized as such. An effective factor that contributes to the success of individuals, and teams is positive. Studies have indicated that teams with a positive approach in facing various scenarios often excel.