1Habitat1 Inc. presentation of this years Luxury Estate Grand Show offer participants the opportunity to conceptualize design models for residential home building inspired by insight and inspiration.

Projects are of many types; from townhouses, villas, cottages, cabins, courtyards, retirement villages, affordable homes, and specific development designs. It can be a standalone house or a real estate development for a community.

These projects can be community driven with Exhibitors seeking something original, innovative product placement and profitable marketing much like great architectural designs, when a specific arrangement has been made with a third party (Exhibitors, the government, etc.) the competition shortlist selection will be commissioned to create a blueprint for that particular project.

1Habitat1 Inc. specialises in organising such events and appeals to those with the talent and the knowledge to register and participate in such high profile competitions. These projects are fantastic opportunities for exposure both locally and internationally. Participants should demonstrate superior skills in residential building offering cutting edge, unique designs according to the project specifications.

Architects, landscape, architects, designers, engineers, and anyone with the talent and knowledge necessary are more than welcome to register. Every year the competition attracts the interest of people from all over the world.