Future race info

The next race – United State of America Registration 2018

1Habitat1’s presentation of Luxury Estate Grand Show is already planning and looking forward to next year’s event, USA-2018. Those who have missed the opportunity of entering this year’s event or have fallen short can already start to prepare on think of cutting edge, stunning designs for next year competition. The dates and deadline for registration and submission of application will soon be posted on Luxury Estate Grand Show Website 1habitat1.com.

We are especially excited to host the next year Co-creation in United State. This will be another big challenge for our participant who will have to come up with interesting design concept suitable for the lifestyle, environmental factor and general choice of 1Habitat1 style that characterizes America and its inhabitants.

About American and its architecture

In America, you will find different types of style that reflect a rich and diverse history from four centuries of independence is diverse as its multicultural society. Pre-Columbian, Colonial, Romanesque, Post –War suburbs and Modern architecture. Some architects are quite conservative, but many have begun to embrace modern architecture and many cutting edge designs most of the high-rise building and modern commercial structures have flourished. You will also find very innovative and state of the art residential home that would be a challenge for any renowned architect to design and construct. Obviously, the 1Habitat1 Grand Show will link the location where the Co-creation is being held and the type of design concept for our American-2017 competitors to meet the challenge and set the bar even higher.

Full race info

The Luxury Estate Grand Show is a Co-creation is managed and administered by 1Habitat1 Inc. Architect Alastair Paton. No member of the jury or any member of 1Habitat1 can be approached for inquiry as it will lead to the disqualification of the applicant. The Co-creation itself is a 2 stage selection process that is open to anyone including architects, designers, Landscape Architect and engineers. Excluded from submitting an application are

  1. Members of the jury or anyone employed by the organiser, or anyone playing the role of consultant supporting the selection process
  2. Any person that is closely related to, or as a professional relationship with a member of the jury or the Co-creation organiser.

The judging party will include highly acclaimed international members of the field that includes but is not limited to the list below

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Fine art academics
  • Designers
  • Co-creation consultants who will assist the selection process

The judging panel’s role is to make recommendations and ratification of applicants for final consideration by organisers. From all the applications obtained, 50 applicants will be selected for consideration for the final stage. These 50 applications will go before a draft pick where there is a second round selection by the client, this new team of architect and client will create the ultimate dream home design construction documents that will be constructed for the public vote, a panel of judges for consideration and for the selection of the winner.

The expected date for the Best Homes Competition Co-creation launch, the registration opening and closing dates, the deadline date for submitting the project, the deadline for submitting questions, the dates for answers posted on the website, and the date for announcing the winner, all will be posted on the website. We urge applicants to visit the website to acknowledge all these dates.

Applicants having questions regarding the Co-creation should submit their questions to the organiser by email respecting the date posted online. The organiser will attempt to answer all questions through the website.

The selection criteria

  • Originality of a design concept
  • Style, beauty, aesthetic
  • Practicability
  • Spatial and environmental criteria
  • Ingenuity

Submission method

All interested parties should submit their application through 1Habitat1 Grand Show website by registering. Upon registration, they will be provided with a payment receipt number from Paypal. The  receipt is the only identifying element that should be included in any file or document submitted. Applicants are to follow the information provided for submitting an application through the website.