What is Luxury Estate Grand Show?

1Habitat1 drives the sustainability, efficiency, design, and evolution of Home Architecture and Construction through an international annual design-build process called the Luxury Estate Grand Show. 

The First Homes Racing development organized to transform and propose an innovative approach to Residential architecture, interior design, and landscape with participants from around the world. The competition objectives are to inspire and improve the evolution of how and where we live in this millennium. Buyers, Architects, designers, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Land Developers, Contractors and even consumer goods Exhibitors are welcome to register and participate in for the chance of creating a new Estate strategies, recognition and archiving the ultimate Luxury Estate Grand Show prize.

The primary purpose of the competition is to generate new concepts and innovations in residential home design and the competition promotes excellence in residential home development by rethinking the strategies of sustainable design used by designers and other professionals, as a platform to bring their ideas and craft to reality. This brings together Exhibitors, public and private investors seeking inspiration for their next projects.

The race will be judged by a jury in two stages. In the initial stage, 50 of the best design solutions submitted will be selected and scrutinized to reveal the best design of the competition. Entries will be highlighted for different aspects; innovation, spatial use, the use of technology, sustainability, energy balance, well-being etc.

If you are interested in participating in such a race and have what it takes, then we invite you to reserve your spot by visiting our website to find out the date of registration for the next competition. 1Habitat1 registers participants on its website and all information related to participation are provided on the site.

Over the year, participant’s entries with cutting-edge designs will be published on the platform. This is a high profile Residential development race for participants, Clients, Exhibitors and Institutions to build their actual design concepts.

The 1Habitat1’s presentation of  Luxury Estate Grand Show race is a new trend in real estate Residential Development market, an innovative new model bringing together Teams of multi-disciplined people working together to bring forth futuristic designs. Over the next decade, it is expected that 60% of the world population will be residing in urban areas and communities with the need for new method of development and ingenious solutions to house development, which is being sought more than ever, considering climate change and other environmental concerns.