How to Become an Exhibitor?

Every year 1Habitat1 Inc. launches a Luxury Estate Grand Show held throughout the world for interested parties to register and present their designs for the chance of winning a prize in a 2 stage design-build selection process, leading multiple commission to create a construction document of their design for developing.

To participate, you must first be acquainted with the dates of registration and other rules regarding the competition which are posted on the website. All candidates must register and submit their designs within the dates as indicated on the site.

The competition is very high profile and the only exclusion from participating is whether you are a member of the jury, or are connected to, or know someone who is a member of the jury or of the competition organizer. Beside that exclusion, anyone can register provided, they have the knowledge, and skills necessary to forward cutting edge design concept that can be used as a model for a construction project.

You must have the necessary knowledge (Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects, designers etc.) are more than welcome. Any organization that builds or design residential homes can also participate. Participation can be made individually or as a team.

All necessary information regarding the submission of entries, questions about the competition, the deadline of submission, the rules to follow, and the announcement of the winners are provided on the 1Habitat1 website. To compete therefore, please make sure that you have read the necessary information contained on the website and that you have taken the necessary steps to register and submit your entry. We receive registration from all over the world and the competition is held on an annual basis. The selection process is very rigorous with only the best designs reaching the finalist stage. We look forward to your participation and wish you all the best hoping that you become one of our winners.