How It Works

Architectural competitions go way back, and have always produced many extremely beautiful and successful buildings. They have also led to the discovery of new ideas and new talent that could only be unearthed by throwing an architectural project wide open to competition. Many architects consider such competitions as valuable opportunity for research, study of new building types, as well as a chance for them to gain new experience and explore possibilities of new technical ideas. This particular competition is held for this purpose and more.

So, how does this competition really work? Well, this is a two-stage, ideas and master blueprint competition that will directly translate into a proposal for construction. This means that this competition is about seeking fully developed designs, concepts, ideas and design responses to the brief. This competition is not only a great opportunity for architects and designers but it also a platform where homeowners, investors, and land developers can showcase the potential talent and utilize it for their future endeavors.

Competitors are required to present clearly illustrated boards to enable panel members to easily understand drivers behind the proposals and approach towards the chosen competition. This should include a plan, section, and elevation, together with concept sketches, annotated diagrams, and other visualizations deemed necessary to convey the atmosphere of the proposed design.

This competition is launched on 9th May 2017, which is almost the date for competition registration. The deadline for asking questions is 25th May 2018 (23:59 hours GMT), while answers to questions posted on the website will be provided on 28th May 2018. The registration deadline and project submission deadline was 18th Jun 2018 (23.59 hours GMT). The first stage shortlists winners will be announced on 24th June 2018. It is crucial for all applicants to check out the rules that should be followed before and during the competition. This will enable them to know if they are eligible for this competition, and also help them to avoid being disqualified for the same.

The Luxury Estate Grand Show takes place once a year as a single stage competition whereby design concepts for residential homes are presented to a panel of jury and the public for votes. The current competition began registration on the 9th May 2017 and the deadline for application had been on the 18th of June, 2018 with the first stage shortlist expected to be announced by the 25th of June 2018.

The competition is geared at showcasing ingenious designs that reflect beauty, style, comfort, blended with the modern lifestyle living and technological advancements, and aims to not just reward excellence, but also become a springboard where Exhibitors, landscape designers or developers and others, can find inspiration for their next project. To participate, registration is required according to the following criteria:

  • A participant can be an individual or a cross-disciplinary team from anywhere (Architects, designers, engineers, Landscape Architects, etc.)
  • Entries should be submitted in English or French
  • A design concept must be submitted in PDF format that can illustrate clearly and readily understand the concept or drivers behind the proposal for panel member to assess and accept application
  • At least two photos
  • A declaration of authorship
  • Submission to be made via website whereby participant will be provided with a unique registration number

Disqualification will occur if a participant seeks in any matter or form to influence the outcome, discloses his or her identity or submit their entry after the due date.

Selection process

The competition is a race for excellence in design-build and will be assessed and judged for:

  • Aesthetic
  • Practicability
  • Originality
  • innovation
  • environmental sustainability
  • comfort

The initial assessment will select a shortlist of 50 finalists who after a draft pick will compete for the winning prizes in design-build facing a panel of judges and the public.

Only accredited Clients who are qualified by 1Habitat1 Mortgage Consultants for the price range of the constructed home can participate in the event and future events. Check Client Registration for more info.


One of the main aims of an architectural competition is to explore talents among architects. Too many competitors, this is usually the first step to a very successful and lucrative career, and on the other hand, enables promoters to choose from the best viable project of a high standard with a variety of approaches. This is what this competition is all about. This particular competition is open to all, including architects, designers, and Landscape Architects all in good standing with their various organization. All eligible candidates are required to submit their applications in English or French.

Speaking of eligibility, it is important for applicants to be well informed of the various rules that they should pay attention to. The following are some of the rules to be observed:

  • Submissions should not contain identifying marks, i.e. logos, insignia, text or images that could be used to identify the contestant. All submissions will be anonymously judged via the use of unique usernames that will be provided at the time of registration. A competitor will be required to display his/her username prominently on each element of the design submission.
  • Applicants should make submissions that are accompanied by the declaration of authorship form, which should be duly completed with the username entered in the box provided.
  • Applicants are expected to prove that the submitted designs are their original piece of work prepared for the sole purposes of this competition.
  • Applicants will also be required to prove that they are a bonafide author of the design proposals they submit.
  • Applicants will be expected to accept all conditions pertaining to this competition and agree to abide by the decisions of the judging panel.
  • All applicants are also required to prepare a design for the competition site. Submissions should be in the form of a PDF, while the design boards should be presented in a manner that can be readily viewed on-screen and also legible when printed at the A3 size.
  • Digital boards should be presented in landscape format, with a combined PDF file of no more than 10MB in total.
  • The file name should include the username and item description.
  • Applicants are required to submit 2 publicity images for potential use in the electronic and print media for each of the sites chosen by applicants. The two images must be submitted in JPEG format at 300 dpi resolution.
  • Competitors will be expected to maintain confidentiality throughout the first round selection of the competition. They must not release their designs for publication, or identify the name of the successful or unsuccessful designers to any 3rd parties until an official announcement has been made and/or anonymity lifted for the second round draft selection.

Those are some of the rules that all applicants must be aware of before submitting their applications.

It should also be noted that there are certain parties that are excluded from participating in this competition. This includes the organizer of the competition, or any consultant supporting the selection process. Anyone who has a close professional relationship with any member of the judging panel is also not eligible to participate. Not only are these named parties excluded from participating from this competition, but they should not assist any of the competitors in any way.
How It Works
There are also some reasons that can result in a submission being exempted from the competition. One of the reasons is when a competitor discloses his or her identity. Another reason is when a competitor attempts to influence the decision of the judges. An application can also be exempted if its submission is made after the specified deadline. It should be noted that each of the anonymous digital submission elements must bear the username only.

How Winners are evaluated

Those who intend to take part in this competition must first observe all the rules that have been set to avoid disqualification. After hopeful applicants have submitted their applications successfully, their submissions will be assessed against certain criteria, including:

  • Beauty and their definition of ‘beauty’ and the ‘home’.
  • The uniqueness of solutions and inspiring ways of living without relying on technological solutions or gimmicks.
  • Architecture that represents aspirations and ideas.
  • Environmental considerations and responses to the site.
  • Relationship of built and natural.
  • Practicability
  • Response and relevance to the brief.
  • Sustainability
  • Futurism

The groups made up of Exhibitors and Teams will be ultimately judged on their understanding, definition, and expression of their concept. The judging panel, which may be subject to change, is expected to comprise of highly acclaimed national and international members from various related fields. The main role of this judging panel is to make a recommendation for consideration and ratification by the client, with whom the final decision of the appointment of the second round draft pick individual or team will rest.

The competition organizers, on the other hand, have the right to publicise the competition, any design submission and the result in any medium they consider fit. Each of the initial entry competitors is expected to maintain his or her anonymity and that of fellow competitors throughout the first round selection of the competition. Once anonymity has been lifted, a second-round draft winner will be recognized and credited in all associated media and publicity.

Each winning individual or team will be awarded part of the prize fund, which is designated at $30,000. This will ideally take the form of first, second and third places alongside commendations, but is subject to change. The client undertakes to pay the winning team or individual winners within six weeks of the conclusion of the competition. Invoices for payment will be submitted to the client via the organizers of this competition.

Rules for the competition

1Habitat1 promotes the Luxury Estate Grand Show that aims to promote excellence for residential home designs. It is therefore understood that the covert rule of the competition is to endeavor and provide a high quality, cutting-edge design. Upon submission of the registration, a preliminary selection will be conducted by the judging panel and only 50 of the best designs presented will be selected for the finalist stage where they will go through a draft pick and a master design-built plane for development for the judging panel and public members.

  • The competition will provide awards for the first, second or third place either to an individual having submitted the application or to a team.
  • Applicants will have to follow the following guideline: 1) register on the website anytime between the competition launch date and the competition registration deadline 2) Send any queries regarding the competition before the due date for making queries 3) Have submitted their entry before the due date.
  • Participants are not allowed to seek direct contact with any member of the judging panel subject to disqualification.
  • Entries should be anonymous only showing the username. Any entry showing identification information of the participant would be disqualified.

No person directly managing the competition and in a position to influence the outcome is allowed to participate. It is the responsibility of participants to make certain that they have complied with the rules for submitting and communicating with the competition organizer during the mentioned dates.

Clients and Exhibitors often are interested in certain designs. Clients and Exhibitors seeking to build a residential home and are particularly interested in any design posted via various media should contact the competition organizer for the specific guideline so as not to bring prejudice with regards to other participant designs while the judges are still deliberating for a winner.

It must be reminded that the competition itself will translate into a building project, although there are prizes awarded, the participant should not consider their participation as a conducive right to the project building. Luxury Estate Grand Show provides exposure for such a possibility.


Participating in the Luxury Estate Grand Show is not for the faint hearts. There is a reason why it has been called a Grand Show, firstly because it is recurrent on an annual basis; secondly, it is, in fact, a race. The best and the most talented often submit their candidature; many projects are extraordinary and often prove even very difficult for the judges to decide, that is the reason why the selection of the winner takes into consideration many aspects of the design.

Selection criteria

In judging the entries emphasis will be placed on the following elements:

  • Aesthetic of the residential home
  • Unique solutions to residential living, out of the box imagination, innovations. This originality of features may or may not necessarily involve technological features
  • Practicability and well-being
  • Environmental consideration
  • Spatial and overall comfort
  • Safety

When the design concept of one or more entries are very difficult to separate, which in the majority of situation is the case, subtle elements are taken into consideration such as

1) the best concept for the kitchen, the best use of space, the best choice of material and the best lighting with the aim of separating any indecision.

A scale from 1 to 10 is allocated for each point, for example with regards to aesthetic a particular entry may register a 9 while another could obtain a 10 note. For innovation and for all relevant criteria points are allocated. Obviously, the design with the most points wins the competition, but this is not as obvious as one may think and often judged look at more subtle elements of the design to separate and find a winner.

The panel of the jury often consists of at least 4 individuals who are expert in the field of residential home design and have an eye for details and lots of experience. Only 50 entries from the total applications will reach the final runoff. It is important to note that the event is a 2 stage selection format meaning that the designs entered upon registration are the very same that will undergo an elimination process with the remaining fifty being candidates for the draft pick for the prizes and scrutiny from the public. Three places for first, second and third are awarded the top prize for the 2017 competition being of $30,000 for an individual or split within a team if the competition was entered by a team or organization. Apart from the top prize, each chosen architect or team in the second round selection will each receive $10,000 for their master construction documents.


Several prizes will be awarded up to 3rd place. The winners will receive feedback from the competition organisers who also reserves the right to release the names and design of winners and/or make specific arrangement for any third party ( Exhibitors, engineers, developers etc.) to enter into contact with a particular participant with the aim of taking forward a particular design concept.

The competition in itself translates to a construction proposal and will bring fourth architects and others qualified with outstanding design concepts for the very purpose of building and inspiring communities and increasing the reputation of participants.