How to register

Luxury Estate Grand Show is a two-stage format competition. To be eligible to participate a candidate may be an individual with relevant knowledge of residential designs (architect, engineer, designer, student, etc.) or a team consisting of cross-disciplinary individuals, or an organization (civil engineering company, home design company etc.). Exhibitors who are accredited by 1Habitat1 Mortgage Consultants and partner. Candidature is accepted regardless of location (worldwide).

  • Excluded from participation is anyone that is a member of the judging panel
  • Anyone related or has a close relationship with a member of the judging panel

Registration criteria

Interested parties must submit their application before the due date that is announced on the website. Submission is performed online at the competition site following the guidelines for submitting an application. Elements that must be taken into consideration include:

  • Each participant submitting an application should present their design concept in a PDF with the design board presented in such a manner to be clear, readily readable, illustrated in a clear and succinct manner for the panel to be able to understand the drivers behind the proposal.
  • The digital board must be in landscape format along with the PDF file of no more than 10 MB. All files should include the specific identifying PayPal registration receipt number without the # provided upon the registration process.
  • Each file should be anonymous and only include the user registration receipt number
  • 3 publicity images should be included. The images should be identified as an online gallery resource for publicity and be representative of the design concept. The publicity image can be used if so desired by the competition organizer in the printed and electronic media.


Beside the registration form provided on the website in which the name and address of the participant is to be provided, all other file should be submitted anonymous with only the username provided upon registration. At the time of registration participants will pay attention to the deadline and be expected to submit all relevant material before the due date by login in with their unique username and password to the website. No document (PDF, design board, authorship form) can contain any identifying information beside the username; if they have identifying information the candidate is immediately disqualified. Other disqualifying factors include:

  • Attempting to contact or influence a member of the judging panel
  • Submission after the due date

The applicant retains the copyright of all material submitted according to the design and patent act of 1988 unless ownership is granted to a third party via a licence agreement.