I’m a Buyer

According to a report by real estate consultancy Knight Frank, branding of residences “creates a reflection of luxury and prestige associated with the brand, helping developers to stand out in a competitive market. “ Signature properties normally sell at between 34%+ more than the normal equivalents ”

As a participant, I have specific requirements when it comes to acquiring a new Estate. Obviously, one can only purchase an item depending on his/her budget considerations, but I am not alone in stating that each one of us has a concept of what he/she considers to be the ideal home.

With today’s urban living, I consider a residential estate an area where one escapes to relax after a long and hectic day at work; a peaceful surrounding, secure, well-being and modern. offering comfort and practicability with quality rooms, well built and modern kitchen, and a productive bathroom. A dream home does not necessarily have to be located near a town centre for access to public transport, shops or other facilities, but should it be so far off as to require a 30 minutes drive. That, of course, is a matter of personal choice.

When looking to acquire a new estate, it sometimes is quite difficult to find an exact example that one imagines. As a participant, two options are available, either purchasing an already built estate or having one made to your design. If you are one of those people who place emphases on every single detail of your new home, then the second option would be best.

To build a new estate requires finding experts, architect, engineers, landscape designers who can convert your vision into a reality. There are construction companies that one can use, but an increasing trend has been to seek the assistance of participants in Luxury Estate Grand Prix. I have come to find that there are several reasons why it is beneficial.

  • Firstly, through this competition, you gain several more ideas of various features you might want to include in your initial idea. It can also happen that you completely change your mind and prefer a specific design model.
  • You can gain access to the international specialised team through the 1habitat1 competition process.

Luxury Estate Grand Show offers the perfect process where Exhibitor can collaborate with an architect for the construction of their dream home as product placement on how we should live. It is also the perfect setting for inspiration, when you are actively searching to purchase a modern home. With these annual events it is an opportunity for Clients to find revolutionary concepts that are modern with distinct characteristics different from the ordinary.