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The Luxury Estate Grand Show takes place once a year in cities around the world. It is a two-stage Ideas and design-built Competition with the aim of identifying innovative proposals for new freestanding Residential houses for immediate development this year in Montreal Canada.The competition is both a race that pushes the boundaries of the concept of house design and an opportunity for exposure.

The competition is open to anyone worldwide including designers, architects, landscape architects, artists, engineers, and students and all professionals in areas related to architecture.

We invite you to create innovative solutions to tackle the challenges presented, with the winning designs demonstrating a high degree of expression and creativity in fulfilling new ideas for housing, addressing innovation, sustainability, efficiency, and aesthetic. The entire concept of the competition revolves around the selection of cutting-edge, futuristic residential home designs that reflect and are adapted to modern days, those that include elements of comfort, energy balance, aesthetic, practicability, and efficiency, all geared towards a futuristic concept of the residential home building.

Luxury Estate Grand Show Brief  PDF file ..  Luxury Estate Grand Show Brief

The competition comprises of a two-stage selection process from which a jury will select a shortlist of up to 50 winners selected to move to the second round.

From the shortlist, clients will evaluate and choose the architect or team design that applies to them, select their choice and directly proceed with 1Habitat1 Inc. and its Exhibitors to create an original construction document for the build. Each of the chosen Architect or team will receive $10,000 for their final design done in conjunction with each client. The final build is voted on by the public in open house, the top 3 winners will receive an additional grand total of $30,000 plus competition awards trophies.


10 lots of 6,000 -10,000 square feet, in the Bois Franc, Montreal. Bombardier has made available a lot covering more than 20 million square feet, land left vacant following the closure of the Cartierville airport

The basic concept is to offer residents an exceptional quality of life thanks to its green spaces, 20,000 trees already planted, its numerous lakes and open squares, and its proximity to downtown Montréal.

In front of the Bassin de la Brunante there are short streets their names drawing their inspiration from aerospace, exploration, nature, and geography: Charles-Darwin street, Nelligan square, Place de l’Himalaya, etc. all surrounding the magnificent Challenger golf course.

Themes & Objectives

The competition aims to stimulate and reward innovative thinking about how a home can be designed. The project’s key themes include but are not limited to conceptual approaches to designing a home that defines ‘beauty’, through concepts, design quality, and accessibility. It is an incentive for thinking out of the box.

The competition seeks new concepts and ideas. Concepts that provide unique solutions to a pertinent question; how to build a residential home that is modern, practical, environmentally friendly and futuristic?

Planning Consideration                            

Entrants are advised to have regard to the town planning context that applies to the site but, at this stage, not to unduly constrain their thinking or imagination. Should an entrant be successful and the project progresses, then the evolution of the design and the scheme will occur at this point. It will be at this later stage that planning policy will be considered in detail and the planning system engaged with. It is the concept, imagination shown, and delight that is brought by the design competition submission that is the principle considerations at this first stage.

Submission requirements


 All submissions shall be anonymous for judging. NO markings, logos, company or individual names, or any other identification whatsoever will be allowed in the submissions. Any entry displaying any identification will be disqualified.

All personal information will be kept separate and confidential from the judging panel. Entries will be compiled digitally by an external third party to facilitate the judging. Only after all judging is completed will the identification of the entries be made available.


Registration deadline is 17.00 east coast, 18 June 2016.

The registration fee for all submissions is $50.00 CDN per submission. Entrants may submit more than one entry.

How to Enter

  • Step One: Register via Paypal (see below)
  • Step Two: Record your Paypal Unique Transaction ID (a 17 character string; do not include the # sign)
  • Step Three: Entry Identification Form (Click Here)
  • Step Four: Submit (Details Here)


  • the submission shall be received digitally as PDF (for panels); physical panels will not be accepted;
  • submissions must contain a maximum of two panels A1 size maximum, including section, elevation, and plans.
  • the panels must be orientated horizontally (landscape) only;
  • a 250 word (maximum) written the description of the project highlighting the key points
  • please place all files in one folder and label the folder with your

Transaction ID only, similarly marked in the upper right corner of the boards.

  • zip your folder, send your submission via services such as we transfer to management@1habitat1.com
  • all entries must be submitted anonymously

Schedule and Results

Competition launch  9 May 2017.

Competition Registration Opening 12 May 2017.

Submission Deadline 18 June 2017.

Jury Deliberations /Selections Announced 24 June 2017.

Announcement of Graft Picks 26 July 2017   (Click to view)

Final Construction Documents 30 August 2017

Ground Breaking 30 September 2017

Publications and Exhibitions 4 June 2018

The announcement of winners. 20 June 2018



Registered participants in the competition may address their questions to the

Competition to: management@1habitat1.com

All questions should be written in English, the official language of the competition, and will be answered privately by email and/or publicly in the FAQ section of the website.

It is highly recommendable to regularly consult this section of the website. It may provide additional information, updated information or clarification to the present Competition Brief.



The organizing committee of the competition reserves the right to reject a proposal if it does not comply with the Submission Requirements.

The intellectual property rights shall remain the property of the entrant, any disputes that might arise are their sole responsibility.

By submitting an entry, the individual or team associated with the work authorizes the competition organizer to use the work in future promotional activities, with due credits to the authorship.

For this competition, all people or businesses who have been involved in its organization are not eligible.

The payment of the monetary prizes will be made up to 30 days after Public Announcement. The Competition is governed by the present program; all issues that are not clearly stated will be taken up to the Jury Committee that will be empowered to decide.

The Competition Organizers reserve the right to cancel the competition in the cases when fewer than 5 projects Clients have been submitted or all submitted projects fail to comply with the announced terms conditions.

Upon cancellation of the competition, all participants shall be notified within 7 days of the decision to cancel and properly refunded of their subscription fees.


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This Grand Show is both a challenge and an opportunity that many enthusiastic, innovative, and goal oriented architects and trade professional would not want to miss. Because it will be a consumer-driven competition, It offers the opportunity of self-evaluation and acts as a catalyst for stretching the limits of one’s capability.

Luxury Estate Grand Show is unique organization using high profile design-built competitions of this kind.

The aim of the competition is to bring forth new concepts that add to the evolution of homes and talents that can be spotted by Exhibitors, land developers and others for future project endeavours.

Luxury Estate Grand Show as mentioned is a competition of excellence therefore by the simple fact of taking part in the competition, participants are encouraged to provide ingenious designs that through excellence have high values.

It must be reminded that the competition itself will translate into a building project, although there are prizes awarded, the participant should not consider their participation as a conducive right to the project building. Luxury Estate Grand Show provides exposure for such a possibility.

Being able to take part in a competition such as that being organised by Luxury Estate Grand Show is both a challenge and an opportunity that many enthusiastic, innovative, and goal oriented architects like myself would not want to miss.

Because it will be a consumer-driven competition, it offers the opportunity of self-evaluation and acts as a catalyst for stretching the limits of one’s capability.

Exposure many who participate in such a competition have the opportunity of having their work presented to the general public, something that can provide benefits either during the competition or even long after the competition has ended.

for other trade professionals please send email to info@1habitat1.com to be notified when signup begins.