Race Registration

Are you a Corporation, designer, an architect, a landscape architect? Do you have the skills and knowledge to put together a fantastic residential home design, or can you collaborate in a team to provide the most cutting edge, residential home design? If you have what it takes, then you could be a step away from not only winning a grand prize but also obtaining recognition for your work with all the inherent possibilities of the future prospects that may entail.

Each year 1Habitat1 Inc. allows registration through their website for participation in a race competition. Yes, we call it a race because you literally are competing to produce the best design-build concept. Your entry along with many others will undergo scrutiny from a panel of judges experts in what constitutes a good living environment taking into consideration various aspect of the design.

This residential home design race is very demanding because you will be competing against the best of the best and the judging panel is rigorous. It only happens once every year in any participating location becoming the only game in town for the real estate market.

What are sought after in the race are innovative designs that could set the stage and become the model for future residential home building. Interested parties can register and submit their application on the website on the dates mentioned.

The race is a unique opportunity to showcase your talent and gain recognition leading to a building contract. Every year, there are different interested parties looking for this opportunity and despite exclude even if you not being the outright winner, there is still the possibility your design may be selected and built. So if you have what it takes, then we look forward to seeing you participate in the race for the best residential home design concept.