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The Luxury Estate Grand Show takes place once a year in cities around the world. It is a two-stage Ideas and design-built Competition with the aim of identifying innovative proposals for new freestanding Residential houses this year in Montreal Canada that will be built immediately.

The competition is both a race that pushes the boundaries of the concept of house design and an opportunity for exposure.

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The competition is open to anyone worldwide including designers, architects,

Landscape architects, artists, engineers, and students and all professionals in areas related to architecture.

We invite you to create innovative solutions to tackle the challenges presented, with the winning designs demonstrating a high degree of expression and creativity in fulfilling new ideas for housing, addressing innovation, sustainability, efficiency, and aesthetic. The entire concept of the competition revolves around the selection of cutting edge, futuristic residential home designs that reflect and are adapted to modern days, those that includes elements of comfort, energy balance, aesthetic, practicability, and efficiency, all geared towards a futuristic concept of the residential home building.

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