Terms & Conditions

The following underlines the Terms and Conditions (T&C) for having access and use of the service hereby offered in this website. It is understood that anyone directly or indirectly accessing the site by means of any type of device (laptop, computer, tablet etc)  accepts the T&C herein stated and acknowledges having read and fully understood, thereby agreeing to the guidelines and rules herein stated.

General purpose of the website

1Habitat1 Inc. offers services to the public at large and anyone having an interest in acquiring information and participating in the 1Habitat1 Inc. development competitions are organised on a yearly basis ( of which schedules are posted on the website). Through this website, interested parties register and send their competition entry design according to the guidelines noted.

  • Any registration made on this website must be in accordance with the procedure stated for registration for the competition
  • Registration must be made by the dates mentioned. Any registration made after the deadline date will not be considered
  • Regardless whether it is a project competition or general competition, confirmation through this website is legally binding and will be acknowledged by providing a user name and password of which participants can log in to the site to forward their entry and with a confirmation email subsequently returned.
  • Unless otherwise stated, there are no charges for registering and participating in a competition.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to adhere to the terms noted in the confirmation email and to inform 1Habitat1 of any changes that might affect their participation. All correspondence with 1Habitat1 is to be conducted through this website by login or by sending an email to 1Habitat1.

The use of this website

Using this website is subject to a warranty that you are of legal age and have the understanding, the skills and the capacity of entering the completion, and that you have the legal authority of entering into a binding agreement as noted herein. The only purpose of this website is for acquiring information, registering and submitting entries to the competitions hereby mentioned.

It is prohibited and 1Habitat1 reserves the right to pursue any person using this website in making false registration, providing incorrect information or for any other purpose than the herein mentioned. Any registration will be suspended or terminated if:

  • It violates the T&C hereby mentioned
  • The website is being used in an illegal manner
  • There is evidence that information or material used in this website has been subject to reuse, post, transfer, sell, copy, or download without legal authorization to do so.
  • Unauthorised attempt to access the website or any account related to the website in any manner whatsoever.

It is the right of 1Habitat1 to pursue through legal action any violation in the use of this site or for any activity regarded as an infringement on our copyrights, or of illicit, or illegal, nature. In such circumstances when legal action is pursued, you will be held liable for any charges, duties, taxes, and other costs that may arise for the misappropriation of the website.

Registration and Participation

1Habitat1 Inc. collaborates with various parties (competition organisers, other institutions, the government, Exhibitors, the general public, etc) for the sole purpose of successfully undertaking and providing the competition. It is the responsibility for anyone directly or indirectly associated with 1Habitat1 Inc. to adhere to all the procedures

    • Registration – Anyone, individually or as a team can register to participate in the competition. Registration can only be undertaken through the website and within the dates hereof mentioned. All relevant documents will be forward through the site the applicant having logged the username provided at the time of registration. Upon successful registration, participants have until the deadline mentioned to ask any question or to submit their entry. If for any reason after having entered the competition a participant wishes to withdraw their participation, this should be undertaken by login into site and be submitting their request.
    • Participation – The Competition takes place on a yearly basis (Unless stated otherwise) participants are not allowed to seek communication with any member of the jury, or any member of the organisation who is directly or indirectly involved with the competition subject to having their participation cancelled. Participation takes the form of sending a residential home design through the website by following the guidelines provided.
    • Entries – submitted entries will be assessed according to various criteria (aesthetic, environmental awareness, innovation, uniqueness etc.). The selection process is undertaken in two stages. A panel of judges along with consultants will assess each entry and will choose a number of entries, normally 50, for the final stage. At the final stage, entries will be judged by a panel of jury and selected members of the public. Points will be allocated to each entry and the entry with the most point will be selected as the winner. The competition makes provision for three prizes (first, second and third place)


1Habita1 may request that you provide photos that can be used in our journal or for publicity reasons. By providing such items, you, therefore, consent for 1Habitat1 to use them at their discretion for marketing purposes. All participants could be the subject of inquiry by various parties for their work. Where that is the case, it should be undertaken through 1Habitat1 administration and according to guidelines so as not to prejudice the competition.

Copyright infringement

1Habitat1 is not required to respond to notices that have been improperly written and have not followed the requirements of the DMCA. Copyright owners should be aware that penalties can be imposed for illicit claims and that 1Habitat1 reserves the right to refer complainants to the relevant authorities if they make improper use of the DMCA for illicit claims.

Intellectual Property

1Habitat1, its website and any software made available by us or used on our website and any material written, or information provided thereof are the copyright of 1Habitat1 Inc.

Copyright material including but not limited to text, video, graphic, software and any other material therein are exclusively protected by copyright laws. All intellectual property is protected by the copyright laws and may not be copied, published, downloaded, promoted, or used in any manner without proper authorization from 1Habitat1 Inc.

Limitation of Liabilities

1Habitat1 does not make any warranties either expressed or implied nor any representation or endorsement whatsoever regarding this web site or services offered through this site. 1Habitat1 Inc. disclaims expressly any type of warranties (statutory of otherwise) that includes but is not limited to warranties of merchantability, particular purpose, fitness, title and non-infringement.

The same 1Habitat1 does not claim that information on this website is error free, or virus free. Any service offered on this website is provided on and according to rules and guideline of the competition and “as is” available.

Under no circumstances 1Habitat1 or any person having connection with 1Habitat1 in a professional manner (third parties, employees, directors, etc) is liable for damages that includes but are not limited to consequential, indirect damages, loss or revenue, stress, or any other damages that may result from choosing to register on this website and participate in a competition.