Who is attracted by Luxury Estate Grand Show?

There are various categories of people that will be involved in this competition. The first group is architects, who believe that they have what it takes to bring new ideas to life. The next group involves the homeowners whose sporty, bold, adventurous and aggressive nature drive the essence of the competition and land developers who bring all this together, the other category is that of Exhibitors who are blessed with a good eye that easily identifies potential and opportunity where others may see challenge and difficulty . Other parties involve the media, which is responsible for making crucial announcements pertaining to this competition and the general public for their voting power.

It should also be noted that there are certain parties that are excluded from participating in this competition. This includes the organisers of the competition, or any consultant supporting the selection process. Anyone who has a close professional relationship with any member of the judging panel is also not eligible to participate. Not only are these named parties excluded from participation, they also cannot assist any of the competitors in any way.

There are also reasons that can result in a submission being excluded from the competition. One of the reasons is when a competitor discloses his or her identity. Another reason is when a competitor attempts to influence the decision of the judges. An application can also be nulled if its submission is made after the specified deadline. It should be noted that each of the anonymous digital submission elements must bear the unique identifier assigned by the competition as to retain anonymity in the judges’ eyes.

If you believe that you have what it takes to contribute positively to the architectural world, you are welcome to take part in this competition. If you believe that you are a worthy competitor and intend to take part in this competition, it is imperative that you understand all the rules that you should observe throughout the competition in order to avoid being disqualified.